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to sum me up …I like being creative, capturing moments otherwise forgotten, tacos, gelato and relaxing on a sunny beach. I’d rather ask about your dog then make small talk about the weather and I’ll always cheer you on to capture moments before they're lost.

hi! Hello.

I’m Michele. I entered into this wild world of photography by being totally in love with fashion and modeling. I began my career as a wedding photographer and then ventured into other types of sessions. I’ve been capturing families in each major life event for over 11 years. From engagements to building their families and from grad parties to creative business content.

Lilac was created to capture moments for those who felt like they didn’t want to miss out on the times they can’t go back to. Now in 2023 I imagine it as a stepping stone into a bold colorful world of photography to capture families as they grow and capturing individuals in a bright, creating projects that showcase their brand and their personalities.

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Farmington, Michigan. USA